The Day Before chaos continues as community manager attempts to seize control of subreddit

The Day Before
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The Day Before's community is descending into further chaos, as developers have reportedly tried to seize control of the game's subreddit.

As posted on The Day Before's dedicated subreddit (opens in new tab) yesterday, one subreddit moderator had a conversation with a leading Discord community manager representing the forthcoming survival MMO. According to the screenshotted conversation, the community manager recommended making the subreddit moderator-free, and stated they should take over from one of the current moderators.

As you might imagine, this conversation hasn't gone down well with The Day Before's subreddit community, after it was posted publicly. Commenters have quickly called into question the community manager's affiliation with The Day Before, pointing out that in the past 24 hours, the same developer said he wasn't actually convinced the game was real.

The subreddit community isn't so eager on the community manager taking over from current subreddit mods, it goes without saying. Plenty of users point out how the same community manager apparently bans Discord users from the game's server on that platform at whim, and they aren't so keen on that taking place in the subreddit.

Yesterday, it was revealed that The Day Before had been delayed by nine months because of a copyright claim. The development team behind the game announced that it had failed to previously copyright the game's name, and so were pushing back the new MMO by a total of nine months. This didn't go down well with the community, who are becoming increasingly sceptical that The Day Before even exists.

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