The Dark review

Do you find sheep scary? No? Then you may consider The Dark's flock of baaad guys somewhat lacking in the chills department. Maria Bello mixes with some menacing mutton in this tale of a mother who mysteriously loses her daughter (Sophie Stuckey) while staying with her ex-husband (Sean Bean) in a remote seaside cottage. Did the girl drown? Is she a ghost? Is she trapped in another dimension? Who cares? There's also something spooky in the attic, while cliff-jumping sheep point to an ancient suicide cult...

It's all sub-Twilight Zone tosh, full of creaking doors, crashing waves and a plot twist so obvious you'll feel fleeced by Stephen Massicotte's woolly screenplay. The only good thing is Bello's assured performance - which belongs in another, far superior film. Far from being worried by these sheep, you'll find yourself counting them.


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