Batman almost got an open-world game 3 years before Arkham City

Batman does most of his work at night, but it's still unfortunate that a video game adaptation of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight never saw the light of day. Such a project was in development way back in 2008, at the studio behind games like Destroy All Humans, Mercenaries, and Star Wars: Battlefront (the PS2 version).

Unseen64 has a video detailing the game's troubled development at Pandemic Studios, and while the sneak peek provided is only a glimpse it's interesting to see what could have been, and to learn how this never-announced game impacted those who worked on it.

Even with a talented, veteran studio working on Batman: The Dark Knight, management decisions and a buggy engine brought work to a crawl. Add to that the fact that Pandemic Studios was sold to EA mid-development and you can see how things became a total mess. Worse still, Pandemic's Brisbane offices were shut down when development ceased, with news hitting employees on Christmas Day.

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Image: Warner Bros.

Sam Prell

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