The Crew Motorfest launches in September with a beta coming next month

The Crew Motorfest
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The Crew Motorfest launches later this year on September 14.

Earlier today at the Ubisoft Forward showcase, Ubisoft debuted an extensive new look at The Crew Motorfest. It turns out we're headed all the way over to Oahu in Hawaii for the new game in Ubisoft's racing series, and it'll be out in just a few month's time from now on September 14.

Additionally, there's a brand new beta for The Crew Motorfest, and you can head over to Ubisoft's official website to register right now. However, be wary that although The Crew Motorfest will launch across both new and old-gen consoles alike, this beta is only coming to new-gen consoles, as well as PC, and will be taking place from July 21 to 23.

Motorfest sure sounds like it's trying to tap into racing festivals over in Hawaii. We've already seen the likes of Forza Horizon implement this over the course of many games, so now it's time to see if Ubisoft's take on festival racing culture differs in any way.

One big new feature of The Crew Motorfest is that you'll be able to import all your cars from back in The Crew 2 to the new game to race them around Hawaii. Ubisoft touts this as a "free" feature, but you'll most likely need to be signed up via Ubisoft's accounts system to take advantage of it.

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