The Colour Of Lies review

Completed before the recently released Merci Pour Le Chocolat, Claude Chabrol's The Colour Of Lies demonstrates the veteran French helmer's enduring abilities as both a cinematic storyteller and a masterful director of actors.

The corpse of a young girl is discovered in a Breton fishing community. The female police inspector (Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi) regards art teacher Rene (Jacques Gamblin) as the prime suspect, although his wife Viviane (Sandrine Bonnaire) protests his innocence. But is the latter falling for the charms of a holidaying media personality (Antoine de Caunes)?

Attention to social environments is Chabrol's strength and the bevy of supporting characters here establish an atmosphere of smalltown suspicion. Deceptions abound, although the thematic baggage is lightened by deft performances and the film-maker's trademark droll humour.

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