The characters of .hack//G.U.

In the original .hack saga, The World is a massive online game played around the globe. The trouble is that it contained a terrible secret - players would fall into comas after playing the game. Fortunately, two players known as Kite and BlackRose, among others, battled the malicious entities living in the game world and brought safe play to everyone. In the aftermath, the game itself was completely destroyed.

But companies can't resist dicing with fate when money hangs in the balance, right?

In 2015, the second version of the game, The World R2, is launched. Soon after, rumors of more coma victims appear. And that's where the story of .hack//G.U. picks up.

This week, we'll be taking a look at the player characters you'll encounter as you traverse the new version of the world - starting with the main character of the game. Stay tuned for more from .hack//G.U. in the coming weeks.


While Kite, the original .hack lead, was a newcomer to the game at the start of the story, by the time .hack//G.U. picks up Haseo is an experienced player who has earned himself the name "The Terror of Death." This is thanks to his efforts as a Player Killer Killer - in other words, his quest is to wipe the world of Player Killers, those who attack the game's players.

Unfortunately, Haseo is soon stripped ofhis badass armor (but not his attitude) by his encounter with the mysterious Tri-Edge, a legendary Player Killer. Reduced in power and stature, Haseo embarks on a quest to get to the bottom of the Tri-Edge story. And that's exactly where .hack//G.U. vol. 1//Rebirth, picks up.