The can't-miss deal of the PlayStation Spring Sale: the $0.59 narrative horror game Sagebrush

(Image credit: Redact Games)

The PlayStation Spring Sale is here with big savings on some of the platform's most notable games, but perhaps the most intriguing deal is a $0.59 narrative adventure called Sagebrush.

Sagebrush is a lo-fi horror game, though don't expect anything along the lines of Resident Evil - instead, it's more of a straight narrative exploration game in the vein of something like Gone Home. But rather than exploring your childhood house, you're exploring the abandoned New Mexico base of a religious cult in the wake of a mass suicide.

If that cheery description doesn't scare you off, Sagebrush looks very cool. Developer Redact Games says the game is "based on extensive research into cult groups both famous and obscure, large and small," and attempts to avoid "simplistic motivations and easy answers." Critic reviews of the game are all over the place, but Steam user reviews are broadly very positive, largely praising the game's atmosphere and storytelling.

For my money, Sagebrush is worth playing purely for the aesthetics, which beautifully recreate the chunky vibes of PS1-era 3D graphics, gently expanding them with much larger levels and wonderfully composed lighting. It's gorgeous and spooky, and you can't really go wrong for an $0.59 price tag.

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PS1 horror vibes have provided a surprisingly deep well for modern indie developers to draw from.

Dustin Bailey
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