The Callisto Protocol demo shows off a Half-Life gravity gun and Dead Space dismemberment

The Callisto Protocol
(Image credit: Striking Distance Studios)

The Callisto Protocol has unleashed a brand new gameplay demo earlier today at the Summer Game Fest showcase.

At the Summer Game Fest earlier today on June 9, host Geoff Keighley was joined live by The Callisto Protocol game director Glen Schofield for a live demo of the horrific new game. The gameplay walkthrough of The Callisto Protocol showed off a weapon called the grip, a sort of gravity gun-style item that lets you grab and throw around enemies - we see one monster thrown into a set of spinning fan blades.

We see the protagonist make the most of the grip to hold back a zombie enemy before fighting it off with a more traditional gun. Then he gets into a brutal melee fight with a larger enemy.

Throughout the combat sequences, we see chunks of flesh  getting knocked off of enemies, as well as a gun that seems well suited to cut off limbs, just like in Dead Space.

It's a suitably terrifying demo, considering everything we've seen of The Callisto Protocol so far. The likes of monsters tearing humans limb from limb, and clambering out of walls to drag themselves towards the player character as they desperately fend them off is just the sort of thing you'd expect from the head developer of the Dead Space trilogy.

This is the second time in as many weeks we've got a look at The Callisto Protocol. At last week's PlayStation State of Play presentation, we got a full story-centric trailer for the new horror game, revealing the sorts of horrible foes we'd be going up against, as well as release date of December 2 later this year. If that trailer wasn't gruesome enough for you, today we got a more violent version of it. All things considered, we won't have long to wait to dig into The Callisto Protocol for ourselves.

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