The best-named game of the year now has a demo

Wizard with a Gun demo
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If you've ever wanted to mow down enemies as a pointy-hatted sorcerer, Wizard with a Gun has launched a demo for its wild west-style survival epic.

"The demo is a small but wonderful slice of Galvanic’s survival sandbox for you to explore, craft and battle against the forces of chaos," reads a press release. "It’s up to you to adventure through this world to collect resources, build out your tower and the helpful machinations within, and push back the encroaching chaos."

Announced at this year's Devolver Digital Direct showcase and sporting the most hilariously apt title, Galvanic Games revealed its demo for Wizard with a Gun through a trailer that oozes wild west-tinged charm.

Like all the best survival games, it sees us stranded in dangerous territory and forced to fend for ourselves against all manner of enemies lurking nearby. Whether you're gathering useful materials for crafting or blasting through monsters with a trusty shotgun, Wizard with a Gun puts a refreshing spin on tower defence games by giving us more than one way to stay alive on the harsh plains of The Shatter. With the help of robot buddies, you'll be constructing a base which must be protected from the ravages of various monsters who would threaten your safety. 

According to the press release, Wizard with a Gun's demo takes us to the end of a boss fight after completing The Imperium, the first of many biomes. "The full game will see players opening up more and more of the world with new biomes and even more complex crafting recipes and more imposing enemies," says publisher Devolver Digital. "Additionally, the game will support online cooperative play at launch."

You can play the Wizard with a Gun demo now on PC via Steam, or on PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, with the full release slated to launch sometime in 2023.

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