The best Halo 3 short yet

Just before the (official) launch on Wednesday (read ourreview) Microsoft has put up its latest live action Halo short by would-be Halo movie director Neil Blomkamp - and it's the best of the lot.

We had a blast watching the real-life (well, CGI real life) spike grenades and warthogs in action, but why is everything being filmed in a rented-out paintball field? With the money MS has thrown on advertising you'd think they could afford something even vaguely similar to the game's environments. Ho-hum.

Check it out for yourself over on theDiscovery Channel (we're as baffled as you are).

If you prefer the in-game cutscenes to the live-action movie, check out our synopsis of theplot of Halothus far. Maybe it'll help you to finish the fight on Wednesday, too.

Above: We have a ton of new Halo 3 screens

Courtesy of CVG.