The All Together review

Shot on the cheap in under three weeks, this Brit-farce often lacks direction... not to mention a tight script. Aimless bickering ensues when a hoods Corey Johnson and Danny Dyer inadvertently take hostage a growing gaggle of estate agents, Jehovah’s Witnesses and children’s clowns. Much misses the mark, whether it’s Johnson’s toilet trouble, constant film referencing or the repeated use of the Stingray theme – and any tension in the quasi-kidnapping is sapped by continual cutaways to a superfluous sideplot involving vexed telly producer Martin Freeman. It’s not all together terrible – Bosnian actor Velibor Topic is affably clueless as porno-taxidermist Bob. And while Freeman is saddled with a thankless voiceover, he snatches some late cringe-comedy gold opposite real-life girlfriend Amanda Abbington. Still, the latter’s only two-thirds on the money when she quips, “It’s been bizarre, disappointing... but entertaining.”

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