The 24 greatest Mario commercials of all time

Nintendo warns Japan about Super Mario Bros 2

Renamed Super Mario: Lost Levels when released to the west, the real Super Mario Bros 2 was insanely difficult. Upon the original's Japanese arrival, Nintendo did its civic duty in letting kids and parents alike know that the game was stupid tough.

What the hell, Japan?

Yes, this is the oddest commercial on the entire list, as Super Mario RPG is sold not by any of the stars, but by a trio of singing Piranha Plants. It’s so effing weird, but we must admit, that’s one catchy song.

Despite what you see, Mario isn’t bald

This commercial was dead wrong and was obviously made without Nintendo’s supervision. Mario is not bald, end of story. Don’t let this quaint commercial’s lies fool you. Instead watch this even quainter ad for Game & Watch.

Luigi was always a coward

Telegraphing Weegee’s later characterization, watch as Luigi can’t deal with all the sewer monsters without Mario around to babysit him. Sad stuff, bro.

Peach gets sexy in this one

We only recently discovered this ad and its troubling imagery. Princess Peach dolled up like Jessica Rabbit, Wart on a date with the transgendered Birdo, a brief glimpse of Super Mario Bros movie? It’s too much for our brains to handle!

"Mario, Mario, Mario…"

We conclude this collection with perhaps the most memorable Mario ad of all time, at least for US gamers. Just as the hype for Mario 3 was at the boiling point, Nintendo puts out this ad showing that all are one in North America, so long as they are under the flag of Mario. Watching makes us want to buy Mario 3 again for, what, the sixth time?

May 12, 2010

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