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The 2009 Zombie Pin-up Calendar

It might be only a step away from being absolutely disturbing, but we think the 2009 Zombie Pin-up Calendar is still a must have for any self-respecting horror fan.

First spotted by the chaps over at Slash Film , the Zombie Pin-up Calendar features thirteen photos of the undead in seductive poses. It’s “Gil Elvgrin meets Night of the Living Dead,” says manufacturer My Zombie Pinup. They’re not wrong.

We’ve been staring at these pictures for about half an hour now, and we can’t figure out whether we’re amused, sickened or aroused. The worrying reality is that in all probability it’s all three.

Essentially though, that’s the point. Photos of pin-up girls have always been designed to say “I want you,” and these are no different. Well, except for what these girls will do to you once they get you.

You can buy it for a very reasonable price $19.99 from MyZombiePinUp , so what are you waiting for? Go on. You know you want to…