The 10 best artsy PC games

You can tell that videogaming has come of age. On the one hand, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is selling millions of copies and appalling people with its brazen meatheadedness, and on the other, there was a recent symposium that took place at the Woodruff Arts Centre in Atlanta called ‘The Art History of Games’.

Games might have become a bigger moneymaking industry than movies or music, but they’re also enabling the bohemian elite to be provocatively radical and weird in ways that could not previously have been imagined.

Following on from the Woodruff Art History event, we thought it might be time to tweak our own fashionable haircuts, insouciantly slip a copy of Camus into our blazer pockets, and head down to the gallery to see what’s hanging on the wall of hip. No one today would dream of being so gauche as to ask “are games art?” – we all know they are. But which are the artiest? To find the ten most artistic offerings in PC gaming, walk this way.