TGS: Sony bags Evolution, Motorstorm 2 coming

Sept 20, 2007

Sony Computer Entertainment has acquired Motorstorm dev Evolution Studios and its subsidiary Pursuit Force dev Bigbig Studios.

It's not a surprising move really; the Runcorn studio has been working with Sony through five iterations of its World Rally Championship series, series before creating one of the PS3's top-selling titles to date.

Bigbig Studios, based in Leamington Spa, England, was founded in 2001 with backing from Evolution Studios and SCE and is the developer of PSP title Pursuit Force.

The game has sold over 800,000 copies to date - so it's not that surprising that Sony's decided to swallow up that company either.

It's been revealed that Evolution is currently working on a second Motorstorm game, while Bigbig is busy with Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice, which will be out in October this year for PSP and next year on PS2.

"Our strategy is to create the best games by working with the best talent and Evolution and Bigbig are world-class additions to our team," said Phil Harrison. "The incredible people in these studios further extend the depth and skill of the industry's largest platform-exclusive development resource."

Finally then; Motorstorm with rumble.