Tenet runtime reportedly revealed – Christopher Nolan's new movie will be one of his longest

John David Washington and Elizabeth Debicki in Tenet.
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There's an ongoing debate about whether the current Tenet release date (opens in new tab) of August 12 should remain. Due to the coronavirus pandemic getting worse in certain parts of the world (such as the United States) and cinemas opening in others (the United Kingdom), commentators are split – perhaps Tenet can responsibly open in some countries but not others? The jury's still out.

Whatever the case, a select few people have actually seen Christopher Nolan's new movie. We know the filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson – whose husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson appears in Tenet – has witnessed the time-twisting adventure thanks to an Instagram post (opens in new tab). And now we have confirmation that the Korea Media Ratings Board (opens in new tab) has rated and reviewed the movie, giving us an official Tenet runtime.

According to the board, Tenet will be 149 minutes and 59 seconds long. That's one second under two-and-a-half hours.

While that's quite a lengthy movie for your average filmmaker, for Nolan it's fairly standard. Interstellar remains his longest movie at two hours 49 minutes, while the Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are two hours 32 minutes and two hours 44 minutes, respectively. Inception is two hours 28 minutes, and Batman Begins clocks in at two hours 20 minutes. And, for those who are interested in more Noaln runtimes, Memento, Insomnia, and Dunkirk all come in at two hours and under.

When we will get to see Tenet remain in question for some, though Warner Bros. is sticking to its current release date. Recent reports have indicated the movie will need to gross upwards of $800 million to make a profit for the studio – which should come as no surprise to anyone following Tenet news. We recently spoke to Nolan as part of Total Film's cover feature form earlier this year and the director revealed they crashed a real 747 for a setpiece. Hopefully, money well spent. 

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