Temtem PS5 gameplay video gives you a preview of console early access

A new Temtem PS5 gameplay overview video will help get incoming tamers ready to play the Pokemon-inspired game on consoles for the first time.

Temtem first hit early access on Steam in January, and now it's coming to PS5 as an early access title on Tuesday, December 8. If you've ever played Pokemon before, you're already familiar with the basic premise: make cute little creatures fight each other in turn-based battles (they don't really get hurt, it's fine), capture more of them, and repeat. The video dives into the finer points of the Temtem taming life, including the fact that you can play through the entire thing in two-player co-op with a friend.

According to the developer's FAQ, Temtem's PS5 version will run at 4K and 60FPS on PS5. It will also take advantage of PS5 Activities to launch you straight into the game's main quests.

Even if you've already caught them all on PC and plan to stay there, there's still good news: Temtem is going to support crossplay across both platforms, so you can look forward to a new influx of players to trade and battle with - and to admire your perfectly accessorized avatar and team of Luma (AKA shiny) Temtem. We all know that's what it's really about.

Temtem has a fully playable campaign with more than 100 unique creatures to catch, and even more new stuff is on the way as the game continues to expand throughout early access. Developer CremaGames currently plans to add two additional islands to the game's Airbone Archipelago setting, 61 more Temtem, a dedicated auction house, and even a built-in Nuzlocke mode for the hardcore permadeath crowd, among other updates.

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