Tekken: Dark Resurrection - new fighters

On the other end of the pit fighter spectrum is Sergei Dragunov, a scarred, cold-as-ice grappler that never says a word. Dragunov uses Sambo, a type of wrestling mixed with hand-to-hand combat that hails from Soviet Russia. He's on a secret mission, which for whatever reason involves beating the snot out of 34 other fighters.

Playing as Dragunov is a close-quarters orgy. His devastating combos can occasionally link into holding moves that subdue the opponent and deal even more damage. It's not hard to spend most of a match as a punching bag and then turn it all around with a few well-placed, linkable throws. He's got the kicks of Hwoarang and the physicality of King - that's a terribly frightening mix.

But if neither of these brawlers tickles your fancy, you've still got more than 30 others to choose from. Dark Resurrection hits the PSP exclusively on July 25, so fightin' fans take notice.