Tekken: Dark Resurrection - new fighters

We've been digging our virtual fists into people's jaw lines for years now, but few fighting games capture the teeth-rattling brutality quite like the Tekken series. In just a few weeks an arcade-only version is heading to the PSP with two new characters ready to throw down, and we've taken a flurry of gut-punches just to get to know them better.

The slinky blond you see up there, soaring through the air ready to kick that guy in half, is Lili. She doesn't really have a definable combat style, so it's mostly all flash and sexy high kicks. Her lavish dress and uppity, post-battle musings reveal that she's the daughter of a crazy-wealthy oil tycoon, though he doesn't know his sweet little girl is busy wrecking necks around the globe.

In heated arcade matchups, Lili's considered one of the better characters. Her quick movements and wide-reaching legs make her ideal for first-timers - those same dance-like attacks also make it hard to get a bead on her next move, or whether a given swing is going to hit high or low.

Dark Resurrection's extensive character customization featureis put to good use with the overly fashionable Lili - the more you play, the more points you can use to buy accessories and new costumes. We had Lili wrapped up like a Halloween dream come true, all orange and black, with a parasol dangling from her arm at all times. Also available were stockings and a teddy bear... so there's plenty to work towards.