Tekken 6: Now with extra pigs!

Oct 8, 2007

Now we're at that point where your average game still looks amazing, developers will have to use their creative noggins if they're going to come up to scratch. Case in point - Tekken 6 is gorgeous, just like every other next-gen fighting game. But what other games have pigs?

Is it a ham-fisted attempt to g-rind out appeal, hoof the opposition and bring home the bacon? Er... Or will being surrounded by quizzical beasties become a truffle-sweet highlight of the Tekken series?Perhaps.Will we run out of tired puns before we finish this story? Yes.

In case porcine supporters don't float your boat, check out the other images in our newly updated gallery, including plenty of action from Tekken's other piggy, bloated fistfighter Bob. Or you could just stare at this lovely pic containing both a brace of pigs and a fighting panda. Either suits us.