Tekken 6

While we're all happy to see that the awesome Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on PS3 is now available to download - it's merely the appetizer to Tekken 6's main course of supercharged fighting.

Two brand new characters are included, with even more promised to follow to make up the biggest roster the series has ever seen. Zafina is a sexy flexible fighter whose style is best described as spider-like. Leo is German, effeminate-looking and designed to be easy for both Tekken novices and hardcore pros to control. You'll also be able to customize their hairstyles, clothes and in the case of robo-fighter Jack, add armor to different parts of his body as well as shoulder-mounted guns.We'veseen footagewhere Bryan Fury blasts an opponent with a shotgun to finish off a combo. Yikes.

The stages are also getting a makeover to make them more interactive. At the very least, you'll see backgrounds change to reflect the passing of time. Tekken 6 won't even appear in arcades until the summer which hopefully means there's time to implement an online multiplayer mode before the game is released for PS3 this September.