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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection - PlayStation Network review

Didn't play this fantastic fighter on PSP? $20 will buy you PS3 redemption and a ton of ass-kicking

The PS3 version of Dark Resurrection is a more stripped down game, meaning it lacks the bells and whistles of some of Namco's other Tekken releases. There's no Tekken Bowling minigame, for instance. But it does have the standard modes you'd expect, like arcade and versus (though no online versus, sadly, and no training mode, either), as well as a Ghost Battle mode, where you can fight against simulations of real fighters like in Virtua Fighter 4 and 5.

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DescriptionEven if Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection isn't a full game, it's got enough spunk to hold Playstation fans over until the next great brawler.
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating16+
Release date1 March 2007 (US), 23 March 2007 (UK)