Teen Wolf remake talk returns

We always knew this one would rear its hairy head again - talk of a Teen Wolf remake is back.

This time, word reaches us from the Aussie lads at Moviehole that Warners – which has owned the rights for a while – is sniffing out some writers for a fresh take on the tale.

You may remember the original (and if you don’t, we’d just like to pause and reflect how old we are… Okay, done) as the story of high school basketball player Scott Howard (Michael J Fox) who “always wanted to be special.â€

He discovers that his wish has been granted – he’s one of a family of werewolves and certain situations will leave him sprouting hair in funny places. Oh, and he becomes A) better with the ladies and B) awesome at his sport.

Naturally, it doesn’t all quite go to plan and he has to fight intolerance and bullies all the same.

It’s long been a cult classic, inspiring many spoofs, such as our favourite (below).

And it also spawned a sequel – which means the producers will have to find a Fox type for the first film and Jason Bateman types for any follow-ups.

There’s no word on whether the new plan involves rebooting the original, showcasing a female wolf (as in the 2007 rumours) or doing a Son Of Teen Wolf spin-off.

We’re not sure we want any of ‘em.

[Source: Moviehole ]

What say you? Does a new Teen Wolf have you howling in anticipation or disgust?

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