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Teen Wolf 3.10 "The Overlooked" REVIEW

TV REVIEW Up all night to get Loki

Teen Wolf 3.10 “The Overlooked” TV REVIEW

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Episode 3.10
Writer: Jeff Davis
Director: Russell Mulcahy

THE ONE WHERE We learn of Ms Blake’s past as Stiles frantically searches for his “taken” father.

VERDICT One word: tense. Actually, scrap that – two words: ridiculously tense. That’s the only phrase that can be used to describe the events in this week’s episode. Throughout this season there’s yet to be a ”down-tempo” episode where we can all kickback, catch our breath and go back to swooning at Derek’s chiseled jaw (maybe it has something to do with all these pesky murders). Nope, Jeff Davis is adamant that season three will be full of stress-induced screen screaming that – to be fair to him – has produced the best succession of episodes for Teen Wolf in a long time.

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So we now know that Ms Blake (Hayley Webb) wasn’t all she cracked up to be and ended up turning into a Buffy -like mantis monster – minus the insect part. After all the shenanigans last week, she’s quick to rush over to Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) to explain herself before the boys get to him. Of course, they’re already there ready to prove to Derek that she is in fact, the horrible being that’s been killing all those innocent people. The proof comes from a CGI-heavy throw of mistletoe from Scott (Tyler Posey) that transforms the usually lovely looking Ms Blake into her screeching, mangled Durach face. Derek no longer looks so chuffed to have tapped that.

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Elsewhere, the lights have gone out in Beacon Hills (again) with the hospital in absolute chaos thanks to a heavy-handed storm (which involves stage hand lobbing logs through windows). Scott’s mother Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) takes charge, ordering everyone to evacuate. Of course, the last to be taken care of is poor old Cora (Adelaide Kane); yet to heal, she’s puking up an assortment of black liquid and stuck in her hospital room with her sassy Uncle Peter (Ian Bohen). Ms Blake claims the only way she can be saved is by keeping her alive, so she, Derek, Scott and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) head on over to the almost-abandoned hospital.

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A derelict hospital is any horror-writer’s wet dream. If anyone has seen the recent World War Z , Davis manages to conjure up the sort of tension showcased during that feature and ties it in with Mulcahy’s video-game inspired camera shots to ensure “The Overlooked” has plenty of miss-a-heart-beat moments. Even if you know something’s coming, you can’t help but squeal when yet another wolf jumps out from the corner.

Derek and co are soon faced with the twin’s combined mega-wolf, after Peter is thrust through a corridor and utters an Avengers -style, “We have a problem… a big problem.” Cue plenty of perfectly executed fight choreography (they’re getting really good at these fight scenes) with a terrified-looking Stiles hilariously clutching a baseball bat in the background. The hubbub allows Ms Blake to scarper but unfortunately, she’s not safe for long. Davis effortlessly brings Deucalion (Gideon Emery) and Kali (Felisha Terrell) into the mix with a meet-up in another abandoned corridor. It’s here that we learn of Ms Blake’s connection with the Alpha pack and it gives Felisha Terrell a chance to showcase something different from he usual toe-scraping spiel.

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Back in school, it’s another instalment in the adventures of Allison (Crystal Reed) and Isaac (Daniel Sharman). It’s clear that Davis is building up to a relationship between these two, but it’s a relief to see that he’s not plunging them both into the love nest just yet. Anyway, they decide to head for the hospoita too meaning that the entire main cast in the same location. Oh, except Lydia (Holland Roden) who doesn’t even get a look in this week. Is no one looking after the poor lass after he near throat-slash experience? It’s a shame we don’t get to see the aftermath from last week for Lydia, but hopefully Davis will bring us up to speed soon.

With Ms Blake running from those murderous alphas, she’s soon back with Scott and the gang, claiming that she can help them to find Sheriff Stalinksi and save Cora’s life – but not before they save her from Kali, mind. During this heated discussion, Ms Blake is quick to reveal that Scott is a true alpha but it’s quickly brushed aside by everything else that’s occurring. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see that revelation’s true consequence in the weeks to come.

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As Melissa McCall checks around the hospital to ensure everyone is out safely, she bumps into Deucalion who, despite taking her (sort of) hostage, is as polite as ever. He’s got to be one of the most charming baddies on TV. He forces her to cut the hospital’s emergency power supply (using a switch that looks suspiciously like it comes from a Road Runner cartoon) which leaves Derek and Ms Blake trapped in an elevator – the perfect place for Ms Blake to explain herself.

Davis cleverly executes the explanation using flashbacks. He could have gone down a more obvious route but his ability to merge storylines and characters (he manages to make a connection between Derek’s teenage love Paige and Ms Blake) marks him out as one of current TV’s finest scripters . It’s here that we also learn about the importance of mistletoe and the reason why couples kiss under it at Christmas. Davis also bring more of druidic history and legend to the table, with Ms Blake mentioning our favourite mischievous God, Loki, during an array of mythological anecdotes. It turns out Teen Wolf isn’t just torsos and teeth – you can learn a lot too.

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Despite Deucalion’s politeness, Melissa McCall ends up being taken for the final sacrifice as Stiles makes the connection – guardian can also mean parent. Finishing with Scott caving in to Deucalion and leaving Stiles to call after him in the rain, it’s yet another blow to the bromance.

The only thing that lets down “The Overlooked” is, unfortunately, Hayley Webb’s overacting. She has been transformed into this baddie with a tough-exterior but the quick makeover leaves Webb unsure of herself. The other characters have been on the show far longer – allowing each to really get to know their personalities and attributes, making season three the best yet acting-wise. Webb is the new kid on the block and despite her annoying damsel in distress act during the first few episodes, she was far more convincing then. Hopefully as we get to know her more, so will she.

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BEST BIT Allison tricks Kali and the twins into thinking she’s Ms Blake and coaxes them outside to be greeted with Chris Argent doing what he does best – shooting the hell out of things.

TOE-TAPPIN’ Deucalion interrogates Kali and tells her “not to point that toe at me”. Nicely done Davis.

DAMN ONIONS Stiles asks Ms Blake where his Dad is with water pretty much gushing from his eyes like a tap. A little too much menthol was used there.

DIP IT LOW Did anyone notice how low Peter Hale’s top was this week? We can pretty much see your belly button man!

BEST LINE While discussing Ms Blake, Isaac provides some much needed light relief.
Chris Argent: “I don’t think I know which teacher this is.”
Isaac: “She’s the one with the brown hair – she’s kind of hot.”

Sammy Maine

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