Teen Wolf 2.11 "Battlefield" REVIEW

TV REVIEW Lacrosse with extra bite

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Teen Wolf 2.11 "Battlefield" REVIEW

Episode 2.11
Writer: Jeff Davis
Director: Tim Andrew

THE ONE WHERE Derek loses his pack, we see a different side to Allison and Gerard seeks revenge by blackmailing Scott.

VERDICT After the chaotic scenes last week, it’s a shame to say that this week’s episode comes off a little limp. Maybe it was the lack of bloody action (seeing as we’ve had so much recently) or maybe Davis is saving the best ’til last.

As the episode begins, we’re greeted with a rather serious and sombre Stiles. It’s a refreshing change from the usual wisecracks and reminds us that Stiles is just a 16-year-old kid, with no mother, a distant father and surrounded by monsters; not to mention the fact that he’s in love with a girl that has no interest in him at all.

As he discusses his problems to the school’s counselor, Dylan O’Brien once again proves that he can showcase Stiles perfectly. Once he notices the counselor isn’t taking notes during their session, things get a little tense. Remember a few episodes ago when Ms Morell had that suspicious conversation with Dr Deacon? Hopefully, this appearance means that we’ll finally find out what that was all about by the end of the season.

As Derek is losing his abilities as an alpha, Erica and Boyd take it upon themselves to find another pack after hearing an array of howls in the woods. Little do they know, that the Argents are using the howls to track down any stray wolves. Isaac, on the other hand, is more interested in helping Scott. Realising that Jackson will be taking part in the big lacrosse game (we forgot they played any sort of sport for a minute there) the two of them know that they have to play in order to stop Jackson committing any more of his Kanima murders.

Obviously, things don’t quite go as planned as Gerard has other ideas. After paying a visit to Scott’s house and threatening his mother, the Granddaddy of wolf-hunting gives Scott until the end of the game to tell him where Derek is otherwise, he’ll slowly kill off his nearest and dearest. Even if Michael Hogan does overdo the whole villain act from time-to-time, in the past two episodes he’s really proved himself worthy of the big bad role.

Meanwhile, after reading that letter from her mother Allison continues her wolf-hunting frenzy. This time, Erica and Boyd find themselves duped by the bogus howls as Allison places an arrow in a faltering Erica. As Boyd tries to save his fellow werewolf, Allison repeatedly shoots arrows into his weakening body. It’s an unnerving moment in the season and Crystal Reed seems to really relish this more aggressive Allison. Even Mr Argent is struck by his daughter’s rampage and even has to gun down her bow to stop her from killing Boyd.

During the lacrosse game, Isaac tries his best to get a benched Scott into the game. After a few too many barges, Isaac is finally hurt himself. Carried into the school, Isaac is met by Gerard and his favourite “half-time” knife. Thankfully, it’s not a re-enactment of an earlier episode and Scott steps in to save the day.

If that’s not enough to worry about, as the game comes to an end the flood lights suddenly go out and all we’re left with is screaming and scrambling. Who has Jackson got this time? Lydia? Sheriff Stinlinski? Scott’s mother? As the lights come back on, someone is hurt and that someone is Jackson. The relief that Scott’s family and friends are safe doesn’t last for long; Sheriff Stinlinksi can’t find Stiles. Let’s hope this isn’t the end for one of the best characters on the show!

BEST BIT Allison hunts down Erica and Boyd. We love this side of Crystal Reed!

WORST BIT Gerard speaks to Scott telepathically. It’s a little cheesy even by Teen Wolf standards.

Ms Morell: “If it’s about survival, isn’t a little agony worth it?”
Stiles: “Yeah but what if it just gets worse? What if it’s agony now and it’s just hell later on?”
Ms Morell : “Then think about something Winston Churchill once said; ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going.’”

Sammy Maine

Teen Wolf airs in the UK on Sky Living, Thursdays

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