Teen Wolf 2.10 "Fury" Review

TV REVIEW One of the show’s best episodes yet

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Teen Wolf 2.10 "Fury" REVIEW

Episode 2.10
Writer: Jeff Davis
Director: Tim Andrew

THE ONE WHERE Allison finds out Derek bit her mother, Matt goes into revenge overdrive and we find out who Dr.Deacon really is.

VERDICT After last week’s big reveal that Matt was controlling the Kanima and with only two episodes left of the season, we knew that Jeff Davis and co were leading up to something big. What we didn’t know is how big he would go, but it’s hard to deny “Fury” is a belter of an episode.

However, the episode doesn’t get off to the swiftest of starts. Of course they have to explain how Matt came to control Jackson and the nicely-lit flashback does just that. It’s just the time frame in which it’s portrayed; Matt and Jackson “fall asleep” for about 2.7 seconds before the Kanima is against the window and Matt’s crying. A little too rushed for my liking.

Thankfully, things swiftly move on as Scott, Stiles and Sheriff Stinlinksi finally get the evidence to prove Matt is the killer due to a chance encounter with Scott’s mum in the hospital. Unfortunately Matt turns up just in time to stop them telling anybody about it and to top it all off, he’s got a gun and a Kanima. Stephen Lunsford does a brilliant job portraying the messed-up Matt and it’s a shame that he’ll only get his time in the spotlight during tonight’s episode.

Matt then handcuffs Sheriff Stinlinksi to the wall and ensures Scott and Stiles shred every piece of evidence; things are looking pretty bleak. Fortunately, Derek turns up to save the day right after Dr Deacon reveals himself as his “advisor” – I’m guessing he’s the sort of Giles of this whole get up. Unfortunately, he’s already been nipped by the Kanima and is now paralysed. What more could go wrong?

Well, firstly Scott’s mum turns up to give her statement about Matt and it’s not long before Matt decides to shoot Scott in the stomach. It’s okay, he’s a werewolf remember, they can handle that kind of thing. However, mom doesn’t know this, so she starts freaking out. Will this be the episode when Scott finally has to tell his mother the truth?

Whilst this is all going down at the police station, Scott is still blissfully unaware that Allison’s mother has passed away. Gerard however, has a plan for his inconsolable granddaughter. Handing her the note from her mother which tells her about Derek, Allison goes into full badass revenge mode by getting rid of all her pre-badass things (these include butterfly hair clips, photos and clothes with flowers on them). This is great though, because loved up, sulky Allison gets pretty annoying and surprisingly this angrier, more confident Allison rather suits Crystal Reed.

Whilst Matt is explaining to Scott about why he’s killed all those people, the lights go out and the Argents turn up. There are lots of smokey fight scenes, including some nifty moves from the Kanima that are pretty impressive. Scared for his mother’s safety, Scott tears the Kanima from the jail bars only for her to witness her son as a werewolf. It’s a surprisingly emotional moment that gives Tyler Posey and Melissa Ponzio the chance to show off their acting skills, and they don’t fail to impress.

Gerard takes his chance and manages to take Matt out of the madness and down to the nearby lake where he drowns him to death. Weirdly, I was hoping for a better death for Matt seeing as he only just got going in this episode but I guess Jeff Davis has other plans. The newly-resurrected Peter Hale watches on and appears to be terrified at what he’s witnessed – has the Alpha finally met his match?

This was a truly action-packed, rollercoaster of an episode and looks set to prove that season two will certainly outshine season one. The only qualm is that Jeff seems to have left a lot of things until the last minute and is rushing characters such as Dr Deacon. Let’s hope they get more screen time come season three.

BEST BIT Derek and the Kanima have it out near the prison cells. This is definitely the best fight scene of the series.

Sheriff Stinlinski: “Alright fine, I’ll allow the remote possibility, but give me a motive? I mean, why would this kid want most of the 2006 swim team and its coach dead?”
Stiles: “Isn’t it obvious?! Our swim team sucks! We haven’t won in like six years! Okay, we don’t have a motive yet…”

Sammy Maine

Teen Wolf airs in the UK on Sky Living, Thursdays

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