Teen Wolf 2.04 "Abomination" REVIEW

TV REVIEW The abominable lizard man

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Teen Wolf 2.04 "Abomination" review

Episode 2.04
Writer: Christian Taylor
Director: Tim Andrew

THE ONE WHERE The mysterious creature continues its carnage on Beacon Hills; Gerard Argent is hiding a very important book and gives Scott more than he’s bargained for.

VERDICT Thank God we got over the atrocity that was episode three, ironically with an episode called “Abomination”. We’re plunged straight into action from the get-go, starting in Doctor Deaton’s surgery, with the focus on a victim of the mysterious creature (complete with gruesome claw marks across his torso). As the Doctor and Scott discuss what type of creature it could be, the Doctor lets on that he knows far more about the supernatural species than he’s been leading us to believe. The intriguing statements are cut short, however, as Scott is hurriedly pushed out of the clinic to make way for a visit from the Argents.

They want to know what’s killing the residents of Beacon Hills; after a swift examination, Doctor Deaton explains that the creature is somehow paralysing its victims before it kills them. The first three minutes of dialogue in this episode makes for an awesome opening – let’s just keep more of that gore coming, eh?

Next we see Stiles in a garage, pleading with the mechanic to let him off some cash for his beloved Jeep. Some usual witty banter is thrown around before Stiles makes his way into the office to make a call. But what’s this? There’s some sort of liquid on the door and it must mean something serious if the intensifying music is anything to go by (writers take note, your audience isn’t that stupid). Seemingly paralysed by the mysterious substance, Stiles spots the creature stalking its prey in the form of the mechanic. There’s no time for any, “It’s behind you’s!” though, as paralysed Stiles crashes to the ground and the mechanic is flattened by the Jeep – which, annoyingly we don’t really get to see.

Derek Hale continues to coach his πrecruits” with Isaac floored by Derek at every attempt and Erica in tow for some token tight-clothed shots and unnecessary snogging. The pace continues when a snarky comment from Isaac encourages Derek to break him arm, naturally. The more ridiculously over-the-top Tyler Hoechlin plays Derek Hale, the more it works, so let’s keep up the snarling.

Meanwhile, Allison discovers that her Grandfather – Gerard Argent - may possess an important book of beasts; a Bestiary according to Stiles. Scott, Stiles and Allison make it their mission to get their hands on the book to find out more about the mysterious creature. Things get interesting when, after a particularly vicious lacrosse game, Gerard invites Scott over for dinner at the Argents. Awkward! It does give Scott and Allison the chance to snoop around in his office, but all they seem to come up with is a lousy cookbook.

Whilst Scott and Allison are enduring the wonderfully cringey family meal (it’s real Meet The Fockers stuff) Stiles and Derek seem to have got themselves into a bit of bother in the high school’s swimming pool. After questioning Stiles on his knowledge of the beast, who should turn up but – yep, you guessed it – the mysterious creature! Derek is instantly paralysed from a quick nip and “falls” into the pool. Stiles immediately jumps in to rescue the Alpha and is surprised to find that the creature won’t go anywhere near the water. I think we’re onto something here folks.

Overall, “Abomination” is the best episode of season two so far. There’s enough intrigue and action to solidify the show as one of telefantasy’s “ones to watch”, and the lack of romance only makes for better viewing. The finishing scene of Gerard plunging a knife into an unsuspecting Scott is an awesome finish to one of the bloodiest episodes to date. If only we could get Lydia to stop whining and crying, then we’d be onto a five-star show!

BEST BIT Gerard gives Scott a talking to but not without his trusty knife stuck into the side of Scott’s very important internal organs. So, we’re guessing Gerard knows he’s a Werewolf now?

WORST BIT Lydia sobs in her car and Stiles tells her she looks beautiful. Gross, gross, gross.

Mr Argent: “Any idea what killed him?”
Dr Deaton: “No, but I can tell you it’s fast, remarkably strong and has the capacity to render its victims essentially hopeless within seconds.”
Mr Argent: “You’re saying we should be cautious? Forget it?”
Dr Deaton: “I’m saying be afraid, be very afraid.”

Sammy Maine

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