Tea Party Zombies Must Die takes a shot at conservatives

If you prefer your zombie games with a sprinkle of overt political messaging, then you may enjoy killing time with the new Tea Party Zombies Must Die. The browser-based game has been making its rounds on the internet - and pits players against an army of undead conservations amidst the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Fox News studio. What's that? We had you at 'post-apocalyptic Fox News'? Thought so.

Here's a taste care of MRC TV:

The stars of Tea Party Zombies Must Die are its zombified conservatives. They include household names like Sarah Palin Zombie, zombie Newt Gingrich, zombie Bill O'Reilly, and zombie Glenn Beck. Funnier still are the host of generic zombies, which include 'Pissed Off Stupid White Trash Redneck Birther Zombie', 'Express Racist Views Anonymously On The Internet Modern Klan Zombie', and the fan favorite 'Factory Made Blonde Fox News Barbie Who Has Never Had A Problem In Her Life Zombie'. Subtle.

The FPS game - which plays as well as one would expect from a politically motivated advergame - was made by StarvingEyes Advergaming, an online outfit specializing in the creation of advergames of all genres for clients including TLC, The CW, Hotels.com, The Chemical Brothers and Fall Out Boy. Tea Party Zombies Must Die is a one-off title created by StarvingEyes' boss Jason Oda who, when questioned about the game's controversial subject matter, told MRC TV:"The game was just a personal project. I am not worried about it affecting business."

Cue free publicity (and the prerequisite tie-in to the horrible effects of violence in gaming) on in 3..2...

Sep 7, 2011

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