Tank Universal review

Looking back on Tron with the rosy glasses

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  • +

    Large-scale battles

  • +

    Variety of AI allies and enemies

  • +

    Satisfying trajectory-based warfare


  • -

    Over-sensitive controls

  • -

    Nonsense plot

  • -

    Noticeable bugs

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So now you’re in a futuristic Tron-like world, walking around in first person, admiring the basic-but-colourful visuals, wondering where all the tanks are. Eventually you end up getting involved in some sort of nonsense plot about aliens and robots attacking each other and endless boxes of ludicrous dialogue to skip through with the space bar. Eventually, you find the tanks and roll through 20 levels of large-scale capture the flag-type battles, that play like ’80s classic Battlezone. There are upgrades for the tank, a variety of AI allies and enemies, on-foot sections and a flimsy story. While the handling of the vehicles is oversensitive and occasionally frustrating, the trajectory-based missile warfare is actually very satisfying.

Tank Universal is a small-scale indie game. It has no multiplayer or online mode and there are a good few graphical, audio and control glitches. But there is a solid, immersive and occasionally fun game here, with plenty of retro appeal, and for around a fiver through Steam, it’s worth a look.

Oct 6, 2008

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DescriptionTank Universal's Tron-style visuals and satisfying tank action make up for a flimsy story and lousy controls. It lacks the frills of a bigger-budget title, but this small indie game's got solid enough gameplay to make it worth the small asking price.
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)