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TalkRadar UK #11: Special moustache edition

What to expect...

- Behind the scenesinfo on this week's features
- Four minutes untilMeiks talksand it's a crow-barred porn reference. Jeez
- Matt living a life as a digital pasty seller
- More porn references in your Confession Section
- Meiks saying 'Ahhhhhhh' lots
- Nathan not completely ruling out a relationship with a forumite
- 100% less George :(
-Grow a 'tache and get your image immortalised in Red Dead Redemption

Above: Our new studio set-up with increased foam-age

Above: An extreme close-up of Matt's hairy horse-shoe

Above: What Nathan does while editting the podcast. Next week: green and blue pen illustrations


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Headphone girls

All the headphone lady pics we've used up until this point, in one handylocation.

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Post date:Wednesday28th October 2009
Running time: 49 minutes 21 seconds
Music by:Sabrepulse