Take a nostalgic look back at Xbox 360's dashboard Blades with this super weird 2007 video

This official Xbox 360 Welcome Video is a concentrated solution of intense nostalgia for the simple days of the Blades interface. Then all that nostalgia comes bubbling up through a thick mist of incredulity that Microsoft ever chose to promote itself to the masses with something this weird. Before I say any more, just watch the video - you probably haven't seen it in nearly a decade, if at all.

Kinda funny but very, very odd, right? It gets even stranger given the Welcome Video's original context: it was included on the Xbox Live Arcade Compilation disc, a five-pack of XBLA games, which was itself bundled with the Xbox 360 Arcade package. The Arcade line was Microsoft's way of reaching out to more casual and cash-conscious players who might otherwise flock to Wii. This offbeat video was the first thing Microsoft wanted its newly converted masses to see. An interesting choice!

Whatever you think of the screwball science routine, we can all appreciate a trip back to the days of Blades. Intuitively organized, colorful, not too full of ads, and most of all speedy, the Xbox 360's original interface remains a favorite to this day. Never thought I'd look back so fondly on such an edgily named user interface, but here we are. Hey, that gives me an idea…

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Connor Sheridan

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