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Taito Legends review

A thirty course history lesson


  • The quantity of games present
  • The budget price
  • Feeding your nostalgia


  • Some titles are barely playable
  • Long in the tooth graphics
  • Recalling paying full price for all of these

How do you see it? Old skool nostalgia or long-forgotten crap? Are you a rabid retro-head or a sneering next-gen obsessive? Either way, it%26rsquo;s a mini-war that needn%26rsquo;t be, especially when we%26rsquo;re talking about over thirty games for less than twenty clams. Perhaps it%26rsquo;s time that both sides of the dispute kissed and made up, and we can all get in the warm and have a great game of New Zealand Story. Er, anyone?

More Info

GenreOther Games/Compilations
DescriptionThis reasonably priced title is a damn pleasant stroll through the yesteryears of videogamedom.
PlatformPC, PS2, Xbox
US censor ratingTeen
Release date25 October 2005 (US), 25 October 2005 (UK)