System Shock 3 is coming, pathetic creatures of meat and bone rejoice

The spiritual predecessor to BioShock is getting a proper third entry. Underworld Ascendant developer OtherSide Games recently posted a countdown site which was quickly cracked open, revealing a teaser page for System Shock 3.

Appropriate that the cult hit series which popularized hacking minigames had its secret teaser so quickly datamined - and since the announcement page was already live five days ahead of time, I suspect OtherSide Games was hoping for a similar result. SHODAN, megalomaniacal AI and recurring series antagonist, would be proud... for a few milliseconds before going back to killing everyone. Even more appropriate is the fact that OtherSide is staffed by several former Looking Glass Studios employees, which was the original team behind System Shock.

In 1994, System Shock stood on the line between old-school first-person dungeon crawlers and an incoming wave of RPG-powered shooters like its sequel and Deus Ex. It's tough to suss out where System Shock 3 will land, as the teaser page reveals little about System Shock 3 aside from the title and a link to a mailing list.

We do know that Night Dive Studios, which released System Shock: Enhanced Edition on PC in September and is now working on a top-to-bottom remake of the 1994 original, now owns the rights to the franchise. If it's possible for a seemingly abandoned PC series like System Shock to spring back to vibrant life within a matter of months, I eagerly await news of a No One Lives Forever reboot, movie, and licensed line of hair styling products.

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Connor Sheridan

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