Sylvester Stallone is making Rambo 5

Sylvester Stallone has been discussing a number of forthcoming projects on his slate, and has revealed that he will be making a fifth Rambo film.

Stallone confirmed via Twitter that his next project would be Rocky spin-off, Creed, which will follow the grandson of Apollo Creed, an aspiring boxer being mentored by none other than Rocky Balboa.

Stallone then announced that Creed would be followed by Last Blood: Rambo, the fifth film in the popular franchise that kicked off with First Blood back in 1982.

Stallone didn’t disclose any further details about the project, so we don’t know whether he will be directing and starring, or indeed where the plot will take our musclebound hero this time.

Given how the rest of the franchise has played out, we’d imagine killing people will remain a central theme. The last film included 247 on-screen fatalities. Something to aim for there…

George Wales

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