Sword of the New World

With the level cap at 100, and a long list of characters - of Suikoden proportions - to choose from, there's a lot to look forward to for level-up lovers. We got to look at what will be one of the most powerful UPC characters you can gain in the game, a puppeteer named Catherine. It's estimated that the average player will need to spend three to four hours a day for three months to complete the lengthy chain of quests to acquire her. It sounds daunting, but being able to command 20 deadly pet marionettes in battle makes her an incredible asset to your party in almost any situation. And it's this sort of reward that we'd like to see for hours of time logged in, instead of a slightly more powerful piece of armor or faster mount.

But that's not to say that questing will be a grind. A shot of espresso has been injected into the game's combat system. With so many monsters on the screen, fighting is fast-paced, and looks more like Diablo II than your typical MMO, where you're locked in the usual I-swing-at-you-now-you-swing-at-me animations. "It doesn't take a minute to kill a monster. It takes a minute to kill 50..." continues Day as he planted an area-of-effect spell on top of a mass of monsters.

Instead of strictly sticking to monthly fees or micro-transactions, Sword of the New World's payment plan strikes a compromise between the two. A system where players can purchase virtual goods for real dollars will offset its lower-than-expected monthly fee of $8.95. Expect more news regarding Sword of the New World as its summer release draws nearer. In the meantime, click on the Images tab above for exclusive new screens of this pseudo-historical adventure.