Swap out custom gaming keys at-will on Logitech's new G413 keyboard


Whether you’re chasing percentage gains in the heat of competition, or just looking for the ultimate feel and control in your home setup, you know the devil is in the details. That’s why it pays to choose the best controls—because only they give you the chance to really tune them to your needs.

Logitech G knows it too. That’s why they not only expect you to pull apart their new G413 keyboard in pursuit of perfection, but they even give you the tools.

The keycaps on this mechanical gaming keyboard can be removed and replaced at will. Both editions, in fact—the brushed aluminum Silver with its white LED backlighting, and the black-anodized Carbon with red lights—arrive with 12 additional gaming keys in the box.

That’s not to say that the ‘standard’ keys are lacking. They’re carefully scooped and shaped for maximum finger security and tactile feedback, that let you know exactly where your fingers are resting (and then to keep them there). 

You can’t say they’re not visible, either. Each key’s individual LED is surface-mounted on the keyboard and directed up through the key to the cap. Nevertheless, you’re encouraged to swap these key for tweaked, gaming-optimized versions if you prefer. 

It’s easy—you remove them like this:

And you replace them like this:

The gaming keycaps might look similar, but they’re full of subtle differences that—when you’re going in all-guns-blazing on Nightmare mode, or against some double-hard opponent IRL—can make the difference between winning and losing. At the top, it’s all about marginal gains.

That said, the G413 mechanical keyboard is stuffed with big gains as well. Those mechanical Romer-G switches offer class-leading speed, accuracy and physical feedback. The premium aluminum facing will look good forever while the strong but slim and light design (with built-in cable management and USB 2.0 passthrough) is versatile. The F-keys will also handle complex macros and customization via dedicated software and there’s a dedicated gaming mode that kills unnecessary keys.

Oh, and whether you choose the Silver or Carbon edition, the G413 both looks, and sounds, gorgeous. 

For more on the G413, visit the official site here

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