TT Superbikes review

Are motorbikes really super, or just tarted up bicycles, asks GamesMaster

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When anyone mentions the word 'maniac', we invariably think of nut jobs like Friday 13th's Jason Voorhies and people who run with scissors in their hands.

However, honourable mentions must go to the bike-mad loonies who descend upon the UK each June for the most notorious race on the planet - the Isle of Man TT.

Gran Turismo levels of authenticity are the key to TT Superbikes' quirky brilliance, so prepare yourself for front and rear braking, individual wheel suspension and lifelike slipstreaming.

Bike physics are also spot on, so remember to lean forward when accelerating or risk pulling the mother of all wheelies!

Race, study and unlock new segments and you'll eventually challenge the world's best over the entire 38-mile course that's bona fide right down to the last kerb and hedgerow.

With up to 1000cc bikes that'll reach speeds of over 200mph, TT shifts at some whack - especially from our preferred cockpit view, even though looks-wise it's more PSone than PS2.

Despite three difficulty levels and the usual optional gubbins, such as assisted breaking, TT isn't exactly what you'd call an accessible racing experience. This means that painstakingly memorising every metre of the course layout is a must if you're serious about triumphing over some horrifically unforgiving AI riders.

TT certainly isn't for everyone (and a half-decent map would have made it far more accessible to newbies). But biking aficionados will go wild with joy that they finally have a racer worthy of their beloved sport.

So whether you loved Sega's ancient Manx TT, worship TT super racer Adrian Archibald or want to test your gaming mettle, gear up for the most hardcore ride ever...

TT Superbikes is out now for PS2

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