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Surgeon Simulator 2 update challenges players to competitive Surgical Showdowns

(Image credit: Bossa Studios)


An action-packed update for Surgeon Simulator 2 introduces all-new competitive levels that let players fight it out with surgical precision. The Surgical Showdowns update features six new head-to-head level formats where red and blue teams can duke it out, sometimes armed with nothing but, well… arms.

Run for Your Money has the doctors jumping around on trampolines, trying to catch falling coins and inserting them into a pachinko machine in a race to see who can get the most coins before time runs out. Think of it like Plinko, but with surgeons.

Pulse Racer is a speed-based challenge, charging players with a race to successfully treat more Bobs than the enemy team. Players will have to have quick hands and even quicker limb-throwing muscles to succeed here. Meanwhile, Bob can't seem to catch a break. The Bob-stacle Course is a 2v2 obstacle course level that blends all the fun of a good episode of Double Dare with the ability to cut someone open with a scalpel. 

The update shows no mercy for Bob in the Arms Race level. Teams have to compete ripping off Bob's oh-so-tearable limbs and toss them into goals to score the most points. Hide and Shriek gets a little less gory, instead opting to have players play a game of hide-and-seek by squirrelling away a set of items in places where the enemy hopefully can't track them down. 

Finally, Balls to the Wall has players platforming with some giant balls, racing to be the first team to score three into their goal. Oh, and you have to do this while giant beams try to push you out of the way. 

This is the first official update for Surgeon Simulator 2, the sequel to the viral hit game developed by Bossa Studios that made heart surgery fun. 

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