Supreme Commander: updated impressions

This war never seemed to get out of hand, because the camera easily followed every theater of battle, large or small. Making things even easier, Supreme Commander supports dual monitors. We've heard developers talk about this feature many times before, but our hearts leapt when we saw that this team already has it up and working. One screen can be set up to handle normal tasks where you'll have to do a lot of zooming in and out. The other can be locked to a certain theater, follow an enemy unit or, most likely, give you a far-out radar view of the entire area at all times.

Supreme Commander is the spiritual sequel to the wildly successful Total Annihilation - a game that still has a devoted following since its introduction more than seven years ago. Can Sup Com live up to the original? It's a tall order, but we loved what we saw and can't wait to take control of this mind-blowing evolution in real-time strategy next year.