Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

We recently traveled to Gas Powered Games in Redmond to play the expansion (can't talk about that yet) and will have plenty more to tell you about that in due time. For now you'll have to be satified with the new gameplay trailer we've posted on this here page.

Until we can tell you more, here's the Cybran run-down:

Fire Beetle - Mobile Bomb
Mobile bomb. Must be moved into position and manually detonated.

The Brick - Armored Assault Bot
Amphibious assault bot. Capable of attacking land and naval units.

Cybran Air Units

Jester - Light Gunship
Light gunship. Primary role is base defense. Effective against low-level ground units.

Wailer - Heavy Gunship
Heavy gunship armed with Nanite missiles, Disintegration Pulse lasers and a radar jamming suite. Offers direct fire support.

Cybran Naval Units

Barracuda - Sub Killer
Mid-level anti-naval unit. Equipped with mobile sonar stealth. Effective against surface vessels and submerged units.

CI:18 Mermaid - Counter Intelligence Boat
Unarmed counter-intelligence vessel. Equipped with stealth field that counters enemy sonar and radar.

Harms - Torpedo Ambushing System
Submerged torpedo launcher. Capable of destroying the largest of enemy vessels.

Megalith - Amphibious Mega Bot
Massive experimental bot. Equipped with dual proton cannons, AA defenses, torpedo launchers and anti-torpedo flares. Drops "eggs" that can be transformed into a single unit.

Cybran Construction Units

Hive - Engineering Station
Automatically repairs, reclaims, assists or captures any unit within its operational radius.

Cybran Intelligence Units

Soothsayer - Perimeter Monitoring System
Offers complete line-of-sight within its operational area.

Courtesy of CVG.