Leaked Doom campaign trailer gives us the bloody skinny on single player

A trailer advertising Doom's campaign was supposedly leaked last evening, popping up on Reddit and video site vidme. It's pretty sweet and full of that sexy demon slaughter we love so much, so I'm just gonna step aside now and let you enjoy: 

Fans are trying to decipher what it all means, from the identity of the robot that wakes our hero up to whether or not this is the original "Doomguy." After all, we're told we'll be playing as the only flesh and blood to ever cross dimensions. Sounds like a return to the good old days indeed.

By the by, I say "supposedly leaked" because the poster of the video claims that the video was posted on YouTube and taken down "in what must've been record time," and that they just barely managed to capture it. Hmmm, how very convenient… If it is real, I expect we'll see an official version soon, what with Bethesda ramping up marketing as we approach the game's May 13 release date.

And if it's not, well, who cares? That was some seriously well-edited footage and I for one am ready to steamroll some demons.

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Sam Prell

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