Supernatural western-noir Hell's Half Acre delves into the darker side of Nashville

Art from Hell's Half Acre #1
(Image credit: Magma Comix)

A new supernatural western comic is on the way from indie publisher Magma Comix. Hell's Half Acre, by writer and Magma founder Denton J. Tipton and artist Ramon Bunge, is the first release in what's planned to be a brand new imprint from Magma in partnership with long-running Mexican comics organisation Ruptura Estudios.

Magma's official synopsis for the new series reads:

"Life is changing fast in 1904 Nashville but the sins of the past live free in a place called Hell's Half Acre - where you can find gambling, sex and most any other debauchery ever dreamed. None do it better than Miss Marion's, where a mysterious gambler named Britt sets in motion a chain of events that will have lawmen and outlaws alike aiming to put him six feet under. Will the woman that Britt scorned be his downfall or salvation when Hell comes calling?"

You can check out the three covers for the first issue in the gallery below, starting with Ramon Bunge's main cover, followed by variants from Chris Evenhuis and Preacher's Glenn Fabry.

"When Denton shared his plans for Magma Comix, I automatically thought that this was a train I wanted to travel on," said Ruptura Estudios' managing partner R.G. Llarena in a statement about the new collaboration. "Sometime later, here we are, embarking on our first journey together. To victory!"

"R.G.'s commitment to creator rights has been evident throughout his long career, making Ruptura an ideal partner for Magma," added Tipton. "Together, we will create captivating storyworlds that transport our readers and lure them back time and time again."

Magma Comix split off from Heavy Metal magazine last year and has since been refocusing on creator-owned indie comics. Earlier this month they also announced Silicon Bandits, a new science fiction heist adventure from Jason Starr and Dalibor Talajić, launching in April.

Hell's Half Acre #1 is published by Magma Comix on June 5.

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