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Superman vs. Lobo #1 preview pits the Main Man vs the Man of Steel

Superman vs. Lobo #1
(Image credit: DC)

The Man of Steel will battle the Main Man in the upcoming fight comic Superman vs. Lobo. 

Writers Sarah Beattie and Tim Seeley are partnering with artists Mirka Andolfo and Arif Prianto for three oversized issues pitting the last Czarian (Lobo) against the last Kryptonian (Superman) at the behest of the DC Omniverse's biggest social media celebrity, Numen.

Never heard of him? That's the problem.

"Numen is the most popular being in the universe, a god clogging all social channels - and he does not take kindly to attention going to Superman and Lobo," reads DC's description of Superman vs. Lobo. 

Here are six new lettered preview pages from Superman vs. Lobo #1, along with variant covers by Tony Harris, Philip Tan, and some guy you might have heard of named Simon Bisley. 

"Further complicating things is Dr. Flik, a scientist determined to study the last sons of Krypton and Czarnia respectively. What can she glean from the hero whose home planet was destroyed when he was just a baby and the bad, bad boy who made it all go away just for the heck of it?"

(Image credit: Mirka Andolfo (DC/Black Label))
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And if you couldn't tell, this isn't an all-ages funny book - DC are classifying this as part of 'Black Label,' meaning for readers 17 and up.

Superman vs. Lobo will be oversized in more ways than one; in addition to a larger page count than the traditional 20 pages, it'll also be in DC's recently introduced 'Prestige Plus' format, meaning wider dimensions of the page - 8 1/2 " by 10 ⅞", to be exact.

Superman vs. Lobo #1 (of 3) goes on sale on August 24 with a primary cover by Andolfo, with variant covers by Simon Bisley, Tony Harris, and Phillip Tan.

Lobo has fought Superman before, but doesn't quite make our list of the best Superman villains of all time.

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