Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition gets an over-the-shoulder camera, purists get livid. Probably

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition for the 3DS is going to have an optional over-the-shoulder camera, for added, close-up 3D-ness. To find out what it looks like, zip to 1:22 in this Japanese news report on the Tokyo Game Show.

All well and good for a bit of friendly "HeyJimmylookatthisI'vegota3DSandit'ssocoolandyouhaven'tsoyouLOSE" action during launch week, but for playing Street Fighter at a decent level? Yack. I can only imagine a situation similar to an F1 driver using one of those comedy circus cars with the reversed steering in an attempt to show everyone how awesome he is. Yeah, it'd be a cool feat to witness, but he'd still lose.

How the hell are you going to correctly guage the depth of a jump-in? How are you going to get a proper impression of counter-windows during close-up combo work when your view of your opponent is obscured by your own character? How are you going to know how far you've pushed yourself away with a block string combo? And aren't cross-up combos going to be a nightmare? Even with the added depth perception the 3DS screen will bring, I can only imagine it being really messy.

Still, as Justin has just pointed out while I've been ranting all of these points at him, this mode has probably not been made for the likes of me. It's been made to show off the 3DS tech in shops, and to piss off Jimmy during launch week. And as such, it will probably work perfectly. But what do you reckon? Will you use it for more than five minutes?

And while you're mulling that over, have a look at the new trailer, which details some cool, and slightly mad, new ambient connectivity functions.

David Houghton
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