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Super Princess Peach Hints

  • DS | Submitted by Peach warrior

    Star Enemy Hints

    Hints on killing Star Enemy

    1. He appears in three levels (fifth level in Wavy Beach, fourth level in Gleam Glacier, and a level in Hoos Forest)
    2. He will always appear in the room where the hint box tells you about him
    3. He will only appear 30% of the time
    4. You need to whack him multiple times.
    5. He tries to escape
    6. When you find him on Wavy Beach, you might not notice him at first because he is sleeping on a towel. Sneak up on him so he won't wake up.
    7. When you see him in Gleam Glacier, you will need to use the gloom vibe to get to him in time (and turn it off in time to hit him)

  • DS | Submitted by Tyler Lovseth

    Finding Toads and Items

    When you first enter any level, go through a pipe or door if you see an ! on the bottom screen there is either a item or a toad. Sometimes there will be both.

  • DS | Submitted by J.speedy_gonzalez

    Get Rich Quick!

    Wavy Beach 5-1

    If you want to get lots of money, heres what you have to do. First you have to buy Courage Soda at the shop, then you have to go to level 5-2 in Wavy Beach and by the beginning there is a place above the main road,so you have to fly up there and there are alot of green koopas. So with the Courage Soda, you just hit the koopas and you get 5 coins each koopa. Good Cash!

  • DS | Submitted by Kloves

    How to beat Big Bowser

    Last Level

    To beat Big bowser you grab one of the bombs and when its about to explode jump to his face. Repeat Until he dies.

  • DS | Submitted by Neenee

    Use Lakitu's Cloud

    If you defeat Latiku by jumping on it, you can use its cloud!

  • DS | Submitted by Bob


    To get Blizzaurus you have to catch him on fire to melt the ice off him then when he turns to ice again you melt the ice again. Stay on his head to avoid his attacks. Then when he turns into a fairie turn angry on fire and jump up to melt his ice. Watch out for the ice that he makes fall from the sky.

  • DS | Submitted by Bob

    How to Beat Petty Pirahna

    Petty Pirahna will have his mouth open so water the plant next to you by crying then jump to the top leaf and cry into his mouth then he'll fall onto his back then jump on his belly. Then he'll send sound waves at you that will push you off the plant. When he's done with the sound waves hop quickly back up on the plant. Then he'll open his mouth again. Repeat crying into his mouth on the plant until Petty Pirahna turns red. Then you have to stand next to him and cry into his mouth.

Super Princess Peach Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by AReat!

    Unlimited Vibe Power

    Available at Toad's shop after you collect everything in the game.

  • DS | Submitted by Or me

    Dash Attack Kassa

    Beat the game once to give Peach the ability to attack while dashing (Y or B while moving).

Super Princess Peach Cheats

  • DS | Submitted by It wasn't me

    Toad Minigame

    "Press Start" Screen

    Press start while holding R.

Super Princess Peach Easter Eggs

  • DS | Submitted by Stephanie

    The Music Room

    When you collect Music Scores I think u can get more band members!