Mario takes Sonic's place as the star of Sonic Generations - ow, my brain

A Sonic Generations mod dubbed "Super Mario Generations" might seem simple at first glance - "Oh, they replaced the Sonic model with a Mario one, that's kind of neat" - but then you find out it also adds Luigi, new animations, new bosses, and new hub world NPCs, and suddenly this is starting to feel like a whole different game.

It's pretty neat to see a mod like this, because while Sonic has been a guest star alongside former rival Mario in some of Nintendo's biggest games (Super Smash Bros. and the recent Super Mario Maker, for example), rarely do things go the other way. In other words, Sonic visits Nintendo-land fairly often, but Mario doesn't visit Sega-ville too much. Super Mario Generations changes that.

And of course, as someone who grew up during the Sega vs. Nintendo console wars, any crossover between these two legends still blows my mind just a little bit.

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Sam Prell

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