Super Mario Galaxy says: U R MR GAY

Sept 17, 2007

Eagle-eyed forum dwellers across the internet have discovered a hidden message/humorous design accident on the Super Mario Galaxy logo that spells out 'U R MR GAY'.

Have a gander at the left-hand picture below of Super Mario Galaxy's box art and look at the placement of the seven bright stars dotted on various letters of the game's logo. If you scribble out all the letters leaving only those decorated with a star - as we've done in the right-hand image - it leaves you with the letters 'URMRGAY'. Throw in some spaces and you've got U R MR GAY.

This is the kind of brilliantly unbelievable stuff that urban myths are made of and we are absolutely definitely using it in our next'101 things you didn't know about videogames'feature. It's like playing records backwards and hearing the words 'I'm Barney the purple dinosaur'.

This could, of course, merely be an innocent by-product of perfect artistic composition, but we'd prefer to think that it's an example of deliberate design in-joke japery never meant to be discovered that has been well and truly rumbled.

Above: On the left is the Super Mario Galaxy logo as it should look, and on the right with all but the star-marked letters scribbled out

Matt Cundy
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