Super Mario Galaxy 2 US and JP commercials arrive

Super Mario Galaxy 2's hype machine is now in full swing, as commercials air in America and Japan. But are they any good? Are they in fact just static shots of Reggie Fils-Aime reiterating what a 'great summer game' it is? Find out now!

We knew there was a reason we didn't sell our Wiis. The game looks like everything videogames should be. The vanishing walkways, jumping around on clouds... it even turns on the pretty with that giant snake boss smashing up the ground. The ad may feature the usual 'perfect family' but at least it focuses on the magic that Mario games deliver rather than how your gran might play it for a bit. Yup, we're excited again.

The Japanese commercial, on the other hand is actually split into a series, following two gamers playing the game. This is much more like the Nintendo of recent years, as there's just as much focus on the gamers themselves having fun as there is on the on-screen action. Here's the first one of the rather samey bunch:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is already scoring well in reviews, with Edge giving the game a perfect 10. We'll have our own Super Review to give the definitive verdict in the next couple of weeks. Is it really that good? We shall soon see...

11 May, 2010

Justin Towell

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