Super Mario Bros is 25 today, celebrate with Nintendo's awesome tribute video

Super Mario Bros for the NES/Famicom turned 25 today, and that%26rsquo;s quite an anniversary for arguably the most well known game in the world. Though it wasn%26rsquo;t Mario%26rsquo;s first appearance %26ndash; that was as Jumpman in Donkey Kong (1981) %26ndash; SMB is still the biggest moment in the humble plumber%26rsquo;s life and a touchstone for an entire generation of players. And to celebrate this occasion, Nintendo has opened up a special site for Mario%26rsquo;s super quarter-centennial.

Above: The awesome intro to the site

After the snazzy intro animation, you%26rsquo;re taken to a veryin-depth video retrospectiveabout the mustachioed one%26rsquo;s core games. It takes you all the way from the first time Mario grabbed a mushroom up to this year%26rsquo;s insanely great Super Mario Galaxy 2. It%26rsquo;s a pretty complete video, though the stickler in me dislikes the omission of Yoshi%26rsquo;s Island and Super Mario Bros2 (The Lost Levels). Otherwise, Nintendo put together a great presentation. Now if only it would announce Mario All-Stars Wiifor North America.

Today is a time to look back on Super Mario Bros and recall how it may have led you down the path to loving gaming like you do today. Personally, I remember my first real introduction to games was going over to my neighbor%26rsquo;s house in 1987 and seeing Super Mario Bros on their TV. I was enthralled by what seemed like magic happening on screen and I then begged my parents for a NES all the way until that Christmas when they got one for my little brother and me. The fact that my mom easily played Super Mario Bros as much, if not more than I did proved the addictive quality that amazing game has. And that was my first step on the road that brought me here.

Above: %26ldquo;OMG, a secret warp zone!!!! How deep is this game!?!?%26rdquo; Henry Gilbert, age five

Did I show my age in that reminiscence, or does this day and watching thatvideobring back any fond memories for you? Why not share in the comments?

Sep 13, 2010

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