Suda 51: Third party Wii games aren't selling

Jan 16, 2008

Goichi Suda, otherwise known as Suda 51, claims that third-party titles for the Wii aren't selling in Japan and that only Nintendo is really profiting from its success.

Speaking about Japanese sales of his game, No More Heroes, he says, "Whilst the sales weren't as high as I hoped, other titles for Wii aren't selling so well either. Only Nintendo titles are doing well. This isn't just because of the current situation in Japan, as this is happening outside Japan."

He also expressed surprise over the casual audience that has been the primary adopters of the Wii. "Actually I was very surprised about the reality about Wii, because before I was making this game, I wasn't expecting that Wii would be a console targeted only for non-gamers. I expected more games for hardcore gamers. The reality is different to what I expected."

No More Heroes was released in Japan last year to impressive reviews, but failed to set the retail world alight. It's been reported that on its launch day, it took twenty minutes for someone to buy a copy.

Courtesy of CVG.